Computer graphics

I have recently been learning how to use WebGL to make some computer graphics. In the last six weeks I have progressed from simple wireframes, to lit, textured models, casting shadows etc. I thought it would be fun to show such an animation here.

Every week what I have been able to produce has been improving, so I am excited to see what I am able to produce next week. I think, largely, what WebGL is capable of is only limited by my imagination, and patience for building the scene.

I had not previously realized that simple website code could produce such powerful 3D images, without any additional software. We have truly left the days of Flash and Silverlight behind.

I am a fan of Google’s Stadia – allowing mainstream games to be streamed from Google’s servers without having to buy a console. The lack of multiplayer, and the price of the controllers are the only barriers right now, to Stadia being the only way games are played, in my opinion. That said, I can see a future where WebGL and other similar technologies can replace the need for a Stadia-like service completely. A game written in WebGL can be run without installation, can use NVidia and AMD graphics cards., WebGL doesn’t appear to have any particular limitations in terms of responsiveness etc.

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