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Month: June 2021

Eight shows on streaming services you may have missed

Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Nebula, Curiosity Stream, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and many other services are now vying for our money. Once we have parted with our hard-earned cash, though, we rely on word of mouth, algorithms, or just dumb luck to find great shows on the services. So here’s a list of the gems you might have missed on some of the above services:

Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)

A highly successful Canadian sit-com, it still hasn’t penetrated the zeitgeist, despite being lovely, hilarious, and uncomfortable in a really satisfying way. Tune in via Netflix, to all five seasons.

Memories of Alhambra (Netflix)

A science fiction series that uses advanced computer gaming in an otherwise normal world makes for a really interesting, well-paced, and engaging escape from reality. It’s only one season long, and all the episodes are available on Netflix. It’s a Korean show with subtitles, but after a while you forget there are subtitles!

Ghosts (HBO Max)

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