Last day…

Much to the annoyance of all around me, I have been making mental (and verbal) lists of all the things that we’re doing for the last time. For example on Sunday we made our last trip on Thai public transport, last night was our last night spent in this apartment and this blog post is likely to be the last one written in Thailand.

As I am writing this, I am looking around our bare apartment which we have cleaned from bottom to top. I can even hear a slight echo from my key presses in this room with next-to-no decor. I can hear the buzz of an air conditioning unit and it sounds so normal (in late November).

I don’t feel sad. We’ve had more than a year of adventure here in Thailand (a year to the day since we came to Bangkok) and we’ve seen and experienced things I would never have otherwise experienced. Another reason not to be sad, though, is that we are going on to new adventures. This evening we stay in a hotel near the airport, from there we fly to visit family and friends and then, when that’s all over, we work out what’s next. That’s a freeing thing to be able to do, and we’re very excited about it.

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