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In my view, there is a flaw in Word that is getting worse over time: The default zoom is 100%. With 4K monitors becoming more and more common, and with higher resolutions no doubt coming soon, this zoom leaves us with a tiny Word document that we must manually zoom in on each time.

So here’s the solution:

  • In Word, click File, Options, Customize Ribbon
  • In the right pane, ensure “Developer” is checked
  • Click OK and click on the Developer tab in the ribbon near the right end of the ribbon
  • Click “Visual Basic”
  • A new window will open
  • In that new Window, expand “Normal” at the top left and right-click on Microsoft Word Objects
  • Click Insert, Module
  • Double click the module to ensure it is open and on the right hand side, paste the following:
Sub AutoOpen()
  ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Zoom.PageFit = wdPageFitBestFit
End Sub
  • Click save in the toolbar (the picture of the disk)
  • Close the “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications” window.

Now whenever you open a document it will automatically zoom to the right width!

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