Means testing and taxes

Sometimes the thing that seems obvious, is just not worth the effort. Means testing is often the case for this. Consider: Medicaid and Medicare in the USA cost the same as the whole of the UK’s healthcare system, even though they only cover select groups*.

Similarly, free college is not worth means-testing. This is only a short article because I wanted to draw your attention to this interesting piece by Christopher Keelty: On free college for billionaires.

Source of claims about the cost of healthcare in the USA compared to the UK

  • Cost of the UK’s healthcare system (the NHS): £2,989 per person (Source)
  • Cost of the UK’s healthcare system (the NHS): $3,926.05 (as at today’s date)
  • Cost of Medicare and Medicaid: $4,105 per person (Source)
  • Cost of healthcare per person in USA: $10,739 (Source)

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